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Japan running out of options to deal with nuke crisis: U.S. experts

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„In the meantime, the Japanese government has raised the incident’s severity rating from 4 to 5 on an international scale of seven. The move puts the crisis on a par with the Three Mile Island incident in 1979, when the combination of an engineering failure and human error led to the partial meltdown of a nuclear reactor in the northeastern United States.

Asked about the decision to change the rating, Peter Bradford, a former member of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, said he expected the threat level would be raised again.

“It’s very hard for me to believe that at the end of the day, this accident will be seen as being the same level as Three Mile Island, which was also a level 5,“ Bradford said.

Jeffrey Patterson, a radiation exposure specialist, had an even bleaker assessment.

Unlike natural disasters, such as earthquakes, with nuclear accidents, “the end never comes,“ Patterson said.

“This just goes on forever, because the effects of radiation go on forever,“ he said.“



Fallout Tracker

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Ausbreitung der Wolke von Fukushima/permanente Freisetzung/Jod-131

Source: http://www.zamg.ac.at/aktuell/index.php?seite=1&artikel=ZAMG_2011-03-18GMT09:52



Much of the „wealth“ in this country (not just this one, of course) is based on Ponzi or Pyramid schemes.  As Pentax pointed out in Member Chat yesterday, the operation of a nuclear plant is a Ponzi scheme because the plant operators are using dangerous, deadly materials that are capable of unleashing hundreds of Billions of Dollars worth of environmental damage (not to mention the cost in human life and long-term health consequences) for their fuel source – ignoring the true cost of the operation based on the VERY FLAWED ASSUMPTION that the worst case won’t happen. 

On top of this, they totally ignore the cost of disposal of the fuel, which remains toxic for A MILLION YEARS. Do you really believe that the Koch Brothers have paid in advance for 1 MILLION years of storage for their toxic waste or do they simply pay the annual cost out of operations while they reap the current profits against a Ponzi scheme that will one day fold when there is an accident or a change in consumer demand or we run out of new uranium to fuel the plant – all things that will happen long before the million years of storage are up.

Source: http://www.zerohedge.com/article/yentervention-%E2%80%93-g7-style-ponzi-finance

Bailout Game

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Japan earthquake LIVE

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