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How to Win America for Ron Paul and the Cause of Freedom in 2012

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Ich habe Allan Stevo bei der „Strasbourg Tea Party“ im Dezember 2007 kennengelernt. Er hat nun ein Buch veröffentlicht, mit dem er amerikanischen Aktivisten strategische Tips für den Graswurzelwahlkampf und die kommende Wahl auf den Weg gibt:

Over the past five years, Americans have increasingly called for a return to the founding principles of our country. These times have shown that hope and idealism are not enough to bring political change. Change must be forced upon our government. In striking contrast to others on the national stage, Ron Paul has long positioned himself as the champion of the U.S. Constitution who can help return Washington D.C. to the founding principles Americans so vocally desire. In these pages, Allan Stevo describes how Ron Paul supporters can network across the aisle and with their social precincts to hand Ron Paul the 2012 GOP nomination.



Breaking Ranks: Former Broker Turns Bomb Thrower

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Joshua Brown is one angry former broker.

The 35-year-old financial advisor, whose Reformed Broker blog has brought him wide acclaim in recent years, has just written a book meant to uncover the perfidy of Wall Street. Backstage Wall Street is part plea, part mea culpa, part screed. Brown unmasks the financial industry for all to see, revealing the less-than-honest sales tactics of boiler-room brokers and dressing down investment banks for running away with fees and riches while Mom and Pop retail investors are left holding the bag


Chris Martenson Interviews Jim Rickards: Paper, Gold Or Chaos?

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Chris Martenson Interviews Jim Rickards: Paper, Gold Or Chaos?

Submitted by ChrisMartenson.com Jim Rickards: Paper, Gold Or Chaos? History is replete with the carcasses of failed currencies … mehr lesen


Chris Whalen: JPM and the Banks Have the MF Global Money And the Status Quo Is Protecting Them

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„But please, to our friends in the Big Media, could we stop saying that we don’t know the location of the missing $1.6 billion of client funds from MF Global? The money is safe and sound at JPM and other counterparties. As with Goldman Sachs et al and American International Group, the banks have been bailed out at the cost of somebody else. And the various agencies of the federal government are complicit in the fraud…

The effort by former New Jersey governor and MF Global CEO Jon Corzine to save his firm by stealing customer funds seems to warrant further discussion, yet instead we have silence…

So why is it that the Large Media have such trouble reporting this story? The fact seems to be that the political powers that be in Washington are protecting JPM CEO Jamie Dimon from a possible career ending kind of stumble with respect to MF Global.“

Chris Whalen, Institutional Risk Analyst


Chairsatan Isn’t Worried About Inflation – Should You Be?

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Der folgende Artikel wertet den Anstieg des Goldpreises als inflation?res Zeichen. Man kann es in meinen Augen auch anders sehen. In einem von massivem Deleveraging gepr?gten monet?ren Umfeld, steigt der Preis f?r Liquidit?t ("Cash"). Wenn man Gold als das beste "Cash" ansieht, dann macht ein Wertanstieg gegen?ber diversen Papierversprechen durchaus auch Sinn.

Chairsatan Isn't Worried About Inflation – Should You Be?

If you listened to Ben Bernanke's testimony?between last week and this week, you were told repeatedly that he is not … mehr lesen


Einlagefazilit?t wieder ?ber 500 Mrd. Euro

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„Wenn eine Bank am Tagesende Habensalden auf den ESZB-Konten hat, werden diese automatisch zu Einlagefazilit?ten. Die Einlagefazilit?t wird mit einem Einlagezinssatz von aktuell 0,25% versehen. Die Einlagefazilit?t wird st?ndig und in einem unbegrenzten Volumen angeboten.

Schon vor der?zweiten LTRO-Injektion?Ende Februar 2012 strebt die Einlagefazilit?t nach dem Hoch und wird nach der zweiten Liquitit?tsflut in ungeahnte H?hen schnellen. Weiter hin zeigt die Einlagefazilit?t den gest?rten Interbankenhandel an, dass Misstrauen der Banken untereinander, eine Kontraktion der?Kreditvergabe an die Realwirtschaft in der Eurozone und letztlich auch die Hilflosigkeit der Geldpolitik.


Bitcoin im Smart Investor

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Den untenstehenden Artikel über die digitale Währung Bitcoin habe ich in der Februar-Ausgabe des Magazins Smart-Investor veröffentlichen dürfen:

?Chasing Madoff??The Real Story Behind the Largest Ponzi Scheme in History

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Jim is pleased to welcome Producer/Director Jeff Prosserman to discuss his explosive new documentary „Chasing Madoff,“ the story of Harry Markopolos and his ten year struggle to expose Bernie Madoff and save investors‘ life savings. Finding himself trapped in a web of epic deceit, the once unassuming Boston securities analyst turned vigilante investigator now feared for his life and the safety of his family, as he discovered no one would listen. „Chasing Madoff“ tells the story the regulators hid from the public and which is still widely ignored by the media.

Jeff Prosserman is the Executive Producer and Principal of Gusto Goods. Gusto Goods is a production company based in New York and Toronto specialized in the development, production, and marketing of socially evocative films and documentaries.“


Franz?sische Banken laden frische MR2-Bonds bei EZB ab

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Neue Regelungen f?r Anleihen, die die EZB als Kreditsicherheit von europ?ischen Gesch?ftsbanken akzeptiert, haben mit Wirkung Januar 2012 zu einer Explosion von hinterlegbaren Bonds bei franz?sischen Kreditinstituten gef?hrt:


Diese Anleihen m?ssen nicht an ?ffentlichen regulierten M?rkten handelbar sein, sie m?ssen keinen Verkaufsprospekt haben, ja sie k?nnen sogar nur von den Banken an sich selbst emittiert werde, wie FT Alphaville treffend zusammenfa?t:

„It’s part of a few “technical” changes to the European Central Bank’s rules for accepting European bank assets as collateral. They were quietly slipped out late in September. December’s moves to massively expand the list of collateral (to avert a collapse of secured interbank lending — effectively by substituting the ECB) grabbed all the limelight. Even so, we said the ECB’s decision in September to accept unlisted bank bonds — i.e., bonds that the banks could have issued purely to themselves solely in order to pledge them as collateral for central bank funding — was “potentially very significant”.

„But as James also found out — many of the bonds are not listed on public markets. They carry no prospectus, etc. „


Unklar bleibt allerdings, welches Euro-Nominalvolumen der Anleihenbestand hat, da FT Alphaville nur von St?ckzahlen spricht.

In Pariser Finanzkreisen reibt man sich vermutlich die H?nde und freut sich ?ber den neuentdeckten Bestand an „MR2“-Bonds (gesprochen: M R D?h) …